Bellows & Centre Hoop Systems

ATG can offer a complete range of folding and wave bellows for buses and light rail vehicles. The bus bellows can be supplied with centre hoops with hose and cable guiding systems and roof extensions for all types of BRT buses, trolley buses, hybrid buses and gas driven buses. The bellows can be supplied in custom colours (minimum order 5 Sets) and in translucid material which allows light to pass through the bellows to the interior of the bus.


Application Sheets
References - Folding Bellows for Articulated Buses
Model High floor folding bellows
Customer Alpha Busses, Tunisia
Bus Chassis MAN A90 (28.310 HGOCL)
Model Low floor folding bellows
Customer CaetanoBus, Portugal
Bus Chassis Volvo B7
Model Low floor bellows with ceiling
Customer Hispano, Spain
Bus Chassis IRISBUS IVECO Citilas
References - Translucid Low Floor Bellows
Model Low floor bellows translucid
Customer Heuliez, France
Bus Chassis IRISBUS IVECO Citilas
References - Wave Bellows for Trains
Model Wave bellows DSR MR 01
Customer Danske Statsbaner
Model Wave bellows
Customer Norges Statsbaner